Baled Bottles
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Mayor International Trading Company ˇ§MAYORˇ¨ , established in 2001, specializes in sourcing and supplying waste plastics for recycling. Headquartered in Hong Kong , Mayor operates in a global market with our well-established network and affiliates worldwide. As of year 2004, Mayor imports over 4,000 metric tons of plastic scrap per month, total value over HKD30,000,000. Sourcing countries including United States , Mexico , Japan , India , Bangladesh , Germany and United Kingdom etc .


Mayor provides wide range of post industrial and post consumer plastic scrap including PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PVC, PMMA, ABS , PC, PA, POM, etc. and in various forms. Currently, our business is expanding to other areas, such as battery scrap and computer scrap etc. We commit in providing our customers with stable and constant supply of secondary materials to meet their production needs.


A concern for the environment is in core philosophy of our business . With the ever-flourishing economy of countries like Mainland China , the demand of petroleum and its sub-products double every year. Meanwhile, the volume of plastic scraps such as soda bottles, shampoo containers and packaging created increases as the population growth. To protect the environment, our mission is to ˇ§reallocate oneˇ¦s trash and unwanted material to another who can make good use of itˇ¨. We are proud to be a part of the recycling industry and we are firmly believe that a clean environment is everybody's success .





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